California Women's Baseball League

    The CWBL is the first baseball league located in Northern and Southern California area comprised entirely of women players. The
    league was founded in 2001, by Melanie Laspina an ex-pro player from the first professional women's baseball league since the
    40's the LLB, Ladies League Baseball (1997-1998). Along with Sal Coates, Rhonda Palmer, Alex Sickinger, Ed Sickinger, Rocky
    Henley, Brenda Subia, all whom were part of the first professional league helped developed the league in the San Francisco bay
    area. The Bay Area teams includes: The San Jose Spitfires, The Alameda Oaks, The San Francisco Fillies and The Peninsula
    Peppers; with players commuting from areas as far as Sacramento and Monterey Counties to participate.

    After almost 10 years the league has expanded to Southern California with the help of Victoria Rueles, Kelly Deutsch, Shelly
    Moore, Melissa Acosta and Jo Corone. Four competitive teams ranging from Los Angeles to San Diego is underway playing all
    games centrally in Harbor City, California. The Southern California teams include: The Harbor Hearts, The Anaheim Aces, The
    Long Beach Bombers and San Diego Legends.

    The range of experience represented in the CWBL includes softball and baseball (recreational, competitive, collegiate, USA
    Baseball and international players). Player ages range from (14+) and up. In order to participate, players must tryout, thus
    entering a draft, prior to potentially being selected to play with a team.

    The CWBL coaching staff brings a wealth of experience from both men's and women's baseball and softball to the CWBL. They
    have volunteered their time and have invested in the future of women’s baseball locally and internationally. We thank all our
    volunteers and sponsors over the years in helping grow this sport for girls and women here in California as well as helping
    developing other leagues and teams nationally and internationally.

    For more information on the league, sponsoring or women’s baseball in general please contact: