Fairness Doctrine
The Board and Commissioner of the CWBL shall have the authority to oversee all player, team and coach transactions. The Board has a duty to ensure that fair competition
will prevail for the player(s), team(s) and the League as a whole.

A. Personnel
1. Age Requirements
A.        Players who reach the age of 14 prior to 11:59 p.m. on December 31, of the calendar year prior to the start of the league season and have consent of a parent/guardian
are eligible to play in the CWBL. No age requirement exists thereafter.
B.        Any game(s) played with underage player(s) shall be deemed immediately forfeited by that team. The player(s) involved will also be ineligible for the duration of the
current season, regardless of when the player(s) officially turns 14.
C.        A manager has the right to demand to inspect the identification of any player on the field, before, during or after an official CWBL game. Until the player produces
acceptable identification, said player in question will not be allowed to participate in said game or any future games. Acceptable identification is defined as a: valid
passport, valid Federal or State Government-issued ID card or any other identification that the umpire accepts as valid identification.
D.        Should the requesting manager still not be satisfied or agree with the authenticity of the identification presented, said manager will immediately (within 24 hours) file
a protest to the League Commissioner for review. Protest may be called in and followed up in writing explaining why the manager believes the ID presented is still in
question. The Commissioner will then investigate and report findings to the Board for review, decision and the determination of any sanctions, if warranted.
E.        If any sanctions are applied, the normal appeal process will apply (see E. 6&7).

2. Medical Issues
A.        If any player is pregnant (or becomes pregnant) during any part of the season, said player must receive a doctor’s note clearing them to participate in the league prior
to participation in any games/further games.  The note must clearly indicate the date, the doctor’s name, the doctor’s contact information, as well as an indication that the
doctor was fully informed of the player’s intention/desire to participate in an organized baseball league.  Any doctor’s note must be presented to the player’s coach prior to
further participation in any CWBL games.  The original will go to the league and the coach will then keep a copy of the note on file for future reference.  The League
Commissioner and/or Board reserve the right to request further doctor’s notes if it is believed that there is either a change in the player’s condition or risks to the player are
B.        As with pregnancy, if there are other medical issues that are believed by the league to potentially impact one’s participation in the league, a doctor’s note may be
required.  See Rule A2A for further information.
C.        If a player is injured, and as a result does not continue to participate in the CWBL, there will be no refunds of league fees to the injured player.

3. Roster Size
A.        Each team must carry a minimum of 10 eligible players (inclusive of suspended players). If a team drops below 10 paid players (or full-time equivalents), they must
draft a player from the remaining players in the draft pool.  If no draft pool players are available, they can pick up a free agent, with permission from the Board.  The Board
maintains the discretion to aid teams who drop below 10 available players.  There is no maximum number of players allowed on a team roster.
B.        PT player considerations: A player is considered part-time if they intend, upon beginning the league, to play 4 games or less.  Each part-time player will be
considered ½ a player for purposes of counting roster size.  For example, if a team has 10 full time players and 2 part-time players, that team will be considered to have 11 full-
time players for the roster size considerations.  If a team has an odd number of part time players (such as 3), we will round down to determine the roster size.  For example, a
team with 9 full time players and 3 part time players is deemed to have 10 roster spots filled.

4. Applicant Eligibility
An applicant is eligible to participate in league-sanctioned tryouts as long as they have met the following requirements.  Applicant must:
A.        Be a female
B.        Meet the age requirement as outlined above.
C.        Have completed the necessary league registration form(s).
D.        Be available to play on any team that drafts her.

5. Draft Eligibility
A player is eligible for the CWBL draft pool as long as they have met the following criteria. Applicant must:
A.        Have attended and participated in one sanctioned tryout.
B.        Have presented a valid photo ID indicating applicant meets age requirement.
C.        Have completed a registration form.

6. Player Eligibility
A player is eligible to participate in league play as long as they have met the following requirements.  Applicant must:
A.        Have paid the current league membership fee.
B.        Have been properly drafted, traded or selected as a free agent according to league rules & guidelines.
C.        Have returned as a veteran player or was an eligible player on same team the previous year. It is asked that returning players inform their coach(es) by 12/1 of each
year of their intentions to play in the upcoming season, for planning purposes.
D.        Be properly attired. (See Rule C1)
E.        Not be currently serving a league suspension or game ejection consequence.
F.        Be a CWBL member in good standing.

7. Trades
A.  The following persons must approve all trades:
•        Any and all involved parties
•        Both managers
The League Commissioner has final approval on all trades.
B.  No outside compensation will be allowed for consummating a trade. Example: A player cannot be traded for
baseball equipment or other monetary or tangible goods.

8. Veterans who choose not to return to their current team  (effective 2004)
At the end of each season, if a player chooses not to return to their current team, this player has 3 options:
A.        Re-enter the draft. Player must notify team manager and attend 1 sanctioned tryout.
B.        Request a trade (See rule #A7). Request must be made through team manager.
C.        If a player sits out a full season, they can return to their own team, OR they may have the option to become a free agent to another team, OR they can enter the draft
and  tryout.   However, a returning player from the immediate previous season is not eligible to join another team via free agency. If a returning player decides to  tryout,
they must indicate this at the beginning of any tryout, even if a tryout is a combination of a practice/tryout.  Once that player has stepped on the tryout field as a player that
is “trying out”, they are no longer eligible to either return to their former team (unless  that team chooses to draft her) or become a free agent for any other team. If another
team does decide to draft such player, no compensation is due the former team.

9. Free Agency (effective 2004)
A.        Each team has the right to select 2 free agent players per year.  A designated free agent player shall not participate in a sanctioned tryout.  Once a designated free
agent player participates in a tryout, she is then entered into the draft pool and cannot be selected as a free agent.
B.        Free agent players must meet all player eligibility criteria outlined in rule A5.
C.        Free agent players must be recognized as the team’s free agent pick at the draft and shall be counted toward the roster size requirement.

10. Dissolution of Teams (effective 2004)
Teams shall be declared dissolved only after the following steps have been taken:
A.  Coach or voted representative of affected CWBL team informs the CWBL Commissioner that said team has no one on roster willing to take over the responsibilities of a
coach for the upcoming season.
B.        Said affected Team Representative shall make an effort and explore all options available to find a coach for the affected team. If no coach can be found, then said Board
may declare the team as a dissolved team.
C.        Coach of dissolving team is prohibited from coaching another team for that year without the express approval of said Board.
If such actions can be proved or has the reasonable appearance of a violation of the above procedures or rules as determined by said Board, than teams, coaches and the
player(s) involved may be subject to disciplinary measures including (but not limited to) censure and/or suspension.

11. Anti-Merger Rule
No teams may be allowed to merge with other teams without the express approval of the CWBL Board. Said Board must approve of such a merger via simple majority vote.

12. Anti-Raiding & Anti-Tampering Rule  
Teams and/or their coaches of the CWBL are prohibited from conspiring, colluding, or attempting (intentionally or unintentionally), to raid other team rosters, or cause
teams (including their own) to dissolve for the purpose of forming new teams.
This includes (but is not limited to) suggesting or encouraging (intentionally or otherwise) players to quit their teams for the purpose of going into the draft so that another
team may select them.  If such tampering can be proved or has the reasonable appearance of tampering as determined by said Board, then the teams, coaches and/or the
player(s) involved may be subject to disciplinary measures including (but not limited to) censure and/or suspension.

13. Anti-Collusion Rule
Teams and/or their coaches of the CWBL are prohibited from conspiring, colluding or attempting (intentionally or unintentionally) to circumvent rules (written or
unwritten), practices (written or unwritten) or precedents (written or unwritten). The CWBL Board and the Commissioner shall have sole discretion of determining if the
teams, or coaches of said teams have violated any of the CWBL Rules and Regulations. If such actions can be proven or has the reasonable appearance of a violation of the
above as determined by said Board, than teams, coaches and/or any player(s) involved may be subject to disciplinary measures including (but not limited to) censure and/or

14.  Player’s Fees
A.        Each year, team fees are calculated according to the most current costs of the league (such as: umpires, fields, equipment, insurance) divided by the number of teams
in the league.   Team fees are then divided up in a manner determined by the coach/manager.   CWBL always attempts to keep the costs of each player at a minimum.
B.        Due to the manner in which player’s fees are calculated, and the fact that expenses remain throughout the season (such as: fields, umpires, insurance, equipment)
there will be no refunds of player’s fees.  This is in effect whether the player decides to quit participating, is ejected from the league or is injured and finds themselves
unable to continue to participate.
C.        A part-time player (See Rule A3B for definition) will be required to pay one-half (1/2) of the league fees for the season that they intend to play part-time (1/2 of the
regular season games, if an odd number; round down) regardless of the number of games they play.  If in fact, they end up playing full-time during the season (more than ½
of the regular season games) for whatever reason, the remainder of the league fees would be due to the league.

B.  Tryouts & The Draft
1. Tryouts
One of the primary goals of the CWBL is to provide an opportunity to interested individuals to play amateur baseball. We make this opportunity available through tryouts.
Whether by league expansion, replacement of retired/non-returning players, or other means, the league attempts to leave no applicants behind. Managers or coaches who
will observe and evaluate the skill level, hustle and attitude of each applicant at the tryout will represent teams in need of new players. The tryouts are usually held
beginning a few months before the season begins.
All eligible applicants must put forth their reasonable best efforts during the official tryout. The eligible applicant must also declare and perform all components of the
positions they plan on playing during the season, such as:  Batting, Fielding (infield & out), Running, Pitching and Catching.

2. Failure to expend best efforts
A.        All eligible applicants are required to put forth all reasonable best efforts during the sanctioned tryout. If an applicant is judged by at least 2 managers/coaches to
have not expended, in their view, a best effort, then that applicant will not be eligible for the draft.
B.        If during the course of the season (regular or post), it becomes apparent to at least 2 managers that they did not expend reasonable best efforts during the tryout, said
player may be subjected to suspension or expulsion, and the player’s team may suffer forfeiture of any games in which the player participated.

3. The Draft (effective 2004)
The draft process is as follows:
A.        All managers meet together to select eligible applicants.
B.        At the meeting, each team, in order to fill its roster requirements (minimum 10 players per team), selects a pre-determined number of applicants in a pre-determined
order. Usually the order is determined by the final standings from the previous season, in reverse order of finish.  The teams select applicants round-by-round, until all
rosters are full and/or all applicants have been exhausted.
C.        All teams must supplement their rosters until the league minimum is met (10 paid eligible full-time players).
D.        The presiding league Board of Directors must approve any exceptions or deviations from the draft process.
E.        Forfeits & Win-Loss records - For the purpose of determining draft positions between teams with identical win-loss records; a team cannot count as a loss any forfeits
they incur the previous season. Any team in this situation will have the drafting position immediately following the team with which it was tied.  

C.  Equipment & Uniforms

1. Uniforms
All teams participating in CWBL sanctioned games must meet league uniform requirements. Each and every player must have matching caps, pants & jerseys in presentable
condition for each regular season and playoff game. The only acceptable alternatives to a matching jersey would be the team T-shirt or another shirt of the same color of the
team’s jersey. Each team has until the 1st league game to get all their players properly attired. Jerseys are to be tucked in.

2. Cleats/Spikes
Players may wear metal, plastic or rubber baseball or softball cleats/spikes. No other sport shoes can be used.

3. Helmets and other protective gear
A. All batters, base runners, and on-deck batters must wear a helmet of like color with at least one (1) earflap facing the pitcher. See rule #E2 for more details.
B. Catchers must wear either a catcher’s helmet or protective skullcap with mask when catching.  Catchers must also wear a chest protector and shin guards, as well as use a
catcher’s glove while catching.

4. Bats
Approved –9,  -7, -5, -3 aluminum, graphite, wooden or composite baseball bats may be used during league play.  No softball bats will be allowed.

5. Baseballs
A.        Only league-approved baseballs may be used during league play.
B.        Each team is required to supply 2 balls per game. The umpires will return unused balls.
C.        If the supply of balls becomes exhausted during play, both managers and presiding umpires may use a previously used approved ball upon consent.

6. Pitcher’s Uniform
Pitcher’s cannot wear white or gray sleeves, batting gloves, sweat bands, jewelry or other distracting items while on the mound.

7. Failure to Adhere
Failure to adhere to the requirements listed in this section could lead to player and/or manager ejection and/or suspension, and/or team forfeiture of games in which
infraction(s) occur(s).

D.  Game Requirements

1. Length of Game
CWBL games will consist of nine(9) innings or 3 hours in length; whichever comes first. No new inning is to start after 2 hours and 45 minutes.  In the event that the League
Commissioner and the Board agree, certain games may be adjusted to a length of seven (7) innings [for time purposes, such as if a double header needs to be played].

2. Start of Game
A.        Game time begins with the scheduled time. If a game is supposed to start at 11 a.m. , for example, but does not begin on time due to reasons other than field conditions,
weather conditions (or other act of God) or late umpires, then the time limit starts at 11 a.m.  
B.        Each team must have a minimum of 8 eligible players present, in full uniform and ready to play, by no less than 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time, or a
forfeit will be declared. In the batting lineup, when batting position #9 comes up, an automatic out will be recorded. The #1 batter then will bat. If a legal player arrives to
the game, they will be inserted into the #9 slot and it will no longer be recorded as an automatic out.
C.        A team may reduce its lineup to 7 (offense & defense) only as a result of injury incurred during the course of a game. The injured player & manager must report such
injury to the Home Plate Umpire before leaving the playing field. The umpire shall determine if the injury is legitimate and warrants leaving the game. In the event of such
an occurrence, the batting order remains the same, but an OUT is recorded each time the injured player is due to bat.

3. Batting Line-up
A.  Batting and fielding line-ups operate independently of each other. If 10 or more players are present for the game a team may bat as many as it chooses provided there are a
minimum of 10 in the line-up at all times. Pro-rules affecting "batting out of order" and "illegal substitution" still apply.
B.        Managers shall, prior to each game, supply the opposing manager with a batting order that includes names, jersey numbers, and identified players that will be
provided with courtesy runners throughout the game (maximum of 2).  If someone gets hurt during the game, a courtesy runner can be added for that player even if not
indicated before the game (3 max).  
C.        Any batting change must be announced to the opposing manager, coach/assistant, umpires & official scorekeeper prior to the change being made.  The batting line-
up may only be changed in the following manners:
▶        PINCH HITTER - A player, who has yet to have been placed in the batting line-up, bats in the line-up in place of a batter who is already in the hitting line-up and has
met the plate appearance requirements.  The replaced batter may not return to the batting line-up.
▶        ADDITIONAL HITTERS - A player who has not yet been placed in the hitting line-up, may be added to the hitting line-up, but only at the end of the batting order.
▶        REMOVED HITTER - A player who has already been placed in the batting line-up and has met the plate appearance requirements, may be removed from the batting
line-up provided the line-up still contains the minimum number of hitters required.  Once a player has been removed from the hitting line-up, they may not bat again during
the game.

4.  Borrowed Players (effective 2007)
In the event of a potential forfeit due to failure to meet the minimum number of players required to start a game (rule D2B), the affected team may borrow up to two (2)
players from the non-competing team. Player(s) may not play her primary position (ie. Pitcher, Catcher, SS, etc.) and will bat last in the offensive line-up.  An automatic out
will not be recorded as long as borrowing said player(s) brings the team up to the minimum necessary to not have an automatic out.  Borrowed players statistics will not be
applied to her overall season statistics when playing for a different team than her own team.

5.  Intentional Walks
Each team may issue one (1) intentional walk to the opposing team per game.

6.  Fielding Line-up
A.  Fielding and batting line-ups operate independently of each other. All substitutions made on defense are unrestricted, except for the pitcher. Any player who departs or is
removed from the position of pitcher may return to pitch only once, but not until, at the very earliest, the next new inning, following her initial departure from the mound.

7. Courtesy Runners
A.  As stated in Rule D3B, prior to the start of each game, managers have the option to designate up to 2 hitters in the batting order who require "courtesy substitute base-
runners", after reaching base.
B.  Each respective "courtesy base-runner" will be the player who has made the last batted out. If no last batted out hitter is available to run (i.e. in the 1st inning), then the
duty goes to the last batter listed in the line-up.
C.  A "courtesy base-runner" must be inserted immediately, and before play resumes. If the "courtesy base-runner" is not inserted immediately, (by the next pitch), then the
designated player forfeits her right to have a "courtesy base-runner" until her next plate appearance.

8. Injured Base runner
If a player is deemed injured by the home plate umpire and is unable to fulfill her duties as a base runner, a "courtesy base-runner" (last batted out) will be permitted. The
injured player is then permanently removed for the duration of the game.

9. Catcher 2-out base-runner
When 2 outs exist in any inning and the catcher is on base, a "courtesy base-runner" may be immediately inserted (last batted out).  This is in addition to the pre-assigned
courtesy runners, and does not take away of those players already indicated to be able to have a courtesy runner.  This will allow each team to adhere to the 2-minute rule (see
rule #D10).

10. Two (2) minute rule
Each team has 2-minutes from the recording of the last out in the previous half inning to be prepared for the next half inning. This time includes pitcher, infielder &
outfielder warm-ups. Umpires will be expected to enforce the pace of the games.  

11. Participation Requirements - Per Game
A.        CWBL requires 1 plate appearance and 2 full defensive innings in the field.
B.        Failure to properly adhere to the PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS will result in an automatic forfeiture of game and possible suspension of presiding manager.

12. Dugout Requirements (effective 2006)
A.        For the purposes of safety, if a child that is 13 years old or younger is in the dugout at any time during a game, that youth MUST be wearing a helmet at all times or
they will not be allowed to remain in the dugout.
B.        A CWBL player may only be in their own dugout during any game.  This means, during any given game, a player from a team that is not currently competing may
NOT be present in any dugout during game play.  The only exception to this rule is if a player is a “borrowed player” and in the dugout of the borrowing team.

13.  Ties/Tiebreakers (effective 2008)
A.  If at the end of the time limit, the game is tied; the game will continue for one additional inning in order to break the tie.  If at the completion of the additional inning, the
score remains a tie, the game is over and is recorded as a tie.

14. Failure to adhere
Failure to adhere to the requirements in this section could lead to player and/or manager ejection, suspension and/or team forfeiture of games in which the infraction(s)

E.  Conduct & Safety

1. Batter
A batter is to control her bat at all times. Under no circumstances is she to threaten, wield or throw her bat at another player. Furthermore, she is not to charge another player
on or off the field. If, in the judgment of the presiding umpires, a batter intentionally attempts to injure or threaten another player with a bat, said batter will be immediately
ejected from the game and subject to further league action.

2. Base-runner
A.        A base runner is to stay in the base paths at all times. No base runner may collide carelessly, intentionally or maliciously with any fielder to allow herself to reach
base. INTERFERENCE shall be called and base runners may be ejected at the discretion of the umpiring crew. An "OUT" shall be declared any time an intentional
collision (not involving a legitimate slide or dive) prevents an out from being recorded.
B.        Crashing on or through a base does not constitute a "slide",
C.  No base runner will intentionally alter her course from the base paths with the sole intention of injuring a fielder. Rolling blocks are not allowed regardless of whether or
not the base runner and/or fielder are in the base path or not. Hard, legitimate slides will be allowed as long as the fielder is in the base path. If, in the judgment of the
presiding umpires, a base runner intentionally attempts to injure another player, said base-runner will be immediately ejected from the game and an out recorded.
D.  A base runner is required to wear a helmet at all times. If, in the opinion of the presiding umpires, the base runner intentionally removes her helmet during the course of
play, the base runner will be issued a warning. If this player commits a second offense, they will immediately be ejected from the game.

3. Pitcher
No pitcher shall intentionally throw at a batter in either the batter’s box or in the batter’s on-deck circle. If, in the judgment of the presiding umpires, the pitcher
intentionally throws at the batter, said pitcher will be immediately ejected from the game and will be subject to further league action.

4. Fielder
A.  No fielder, catcher or pitcher has the right to block any base unless the ball is in her possession before the base-runner involved can begin a legitimate slide/dive. If a
base runner must alter their course to avoid a collision or is blocked from reaching a base as the result of a legitimate slide where such base runner would have reached base
safely if given a clear path and no ball is in evident possession, OBSTRUCTION shall be called.
B.  Fielders are not allowed to decoy base runners in the base path into unnecessary sliding in order to slow them down or keep them from scoring.

5. Sportsmanlike Conduct
Anything not constituting SPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT will not be tolerated on the field or off the field in League uniforms. Examples include, but not limited to:
A.  Fake tags & deaking runners.
B.  Throwing equipment in any careless, dangerous or malicious manner.
C.  Swearing at anyone in attendance to include: players, umpires or fans/spectators or coaches.
D.  Taunting or any other displays of disrespect to Board members, players, coaches, property or to the game of baseball itself.
E.  In the case of A & C, a warning shall be issued at the very least.
F.  In the case of B & D, offending player(s) shall be ejected with the possibility of suspension.

6. Player Discipline
As set forth in the CWBL Bylaws, the Commissioner and/or the Board shall have and exercise the authority to discipline any League members for any conduct or actions
deemed adverse to the best interests of the league. This shall include any actions, (intentional or otherwise) to violate, circumvent or evade any League rules, reasonable
intent of the League rules, proven intent of the League rules, historical League practices and/or League precedents. This shall also include direct or indirect violations of
Board or Commissioner directives. Said disciplinary measures may include but are not limited to: suspension of League membership, termination of League membership or
any League sanctions set forth as determined by the CWBL Commissioner and/or Board to apply to the specific case. The Board shall notify any affected member(s) of any
disciplinary action(s) at least fifteen (15) days prior to the effective date.  
A.  An ejected player will automatically be suspended for the next complete game, even in the case that the following game is a championship game.
B.  “All-Star” or tournament games will not be considered official games for purposes of serving out the suspension. Only games that effect league records/standings or
playoff games will be used to serve out the suspension. Suspension may be carried over to next season if necessary (a player is ejected from final regular season game and her
team is not in the playoffs).
C.  Manager of the offending player is required to submit a written report regarding the incident to the Commissioner within 24 hours. The manager will face a suspension of
at least 1 game for not reporting an incident.

7. Discipline Appeal
Any party disciplined, sanctioned, suspended or had its membership terminated shall not have the right to an appeal. Said party must submit a written statement to the
CWBL Board not less than five (5) days before its effective date, showing cause as to why said disciplinary action should be overturned, lessened or modified. The
Commissioner of the CWBL has 48 hours to review the appeal.  Said Commissioner, at his/her choosing, may elect to defer his/her decision to a vote by the CWBL Board, or
form a grievance committee to make a recommendation as to the disposition of the appeal.  The Commissioner/Board/grievance committee’s decision is final.

8. Alcohol
Possession or consumption of Alcoholic Beverages is strictly forbidden at any high school, college, university or park & recreation location used by the CWBL. Furthermore,
it is AGAINST THE LAW! Only non-alcoholic beverages are permitted at any park location used by CWBL. Any offender of this policy may:
A.  Be suspended for up to and including the remainder of the baseball season. If offender(s) are caught after the 6th league game, said offender(s) may be suspended into the
next season.
B.  Be subject to possible criminal action.

Teams that fail to comply and/or fail to properly identify any conspicuous offenses will also be subject to:
▶        Forfeiture of game on date of the offense.
▶        Suspension of presiding manager.
▶        Permanently being banned from using field where offense occurred, thus forfeiting future games scheduled at that location.
The CWBL is fortunate to be permitted the use of these facilities. Our agreements require us to follow their rules, as we are guests on their property. Failure to do so may
cause them to cancel our agreements, which, in turn, may jeopardize the league.

9. Smoking
Smoking of cigarettes, cigars or any other substance is strictly forbidden on any playing field or in any dugout.

10. Pets
Pets, where permitted, are allowed in the spectator area, but must be confined to a leash, with a responsible person controlling the animal. Failure to comply with this
requirement may lead to suspension, revocation of league membership, criminal citation and/or a civil damage claim.

F. Championship Playoffs

1. Tiebreakers
A.  The following formula shall be used by the CWBL when there is a tie between teams to go to the championship game.  If there is a tie in games won for the season,
tiebreakers will be determined in this order:
1.        Head to head match-ups: best record against team tied with.
2.        Team with the best run differential against team tied with.
3.        Runs allowed: Team giving up least amount of runs against division opponents.
4.        * Coin flip*
B.  The Commissioner will conduct the coin flip procedure. The Commissioner will attempt to have all concerned parties present, either physically or by other means. This
may include but is not limited to both Managers, Commissioner and league umpire. If one or both of the managers are not present, then a League Official will represent the
teams. The Commissioner will flip the coin. The results are NOT open to appeal.

2. Playoff Participation Requirements
For a player to be eligible for post-season play, said player must have participated in a minimum of 1/2 of the regular season games (if that is an odd number, then round
down) during the regular season. If said player was/is injured, then said player shall have been assumed to have been able to play the required number of games, and thus
qualify to participate in any playoff games. If a player has their season interrupted due to family or work considerations, then once acceptable documentation has been
provided to the CWBL Commissioner, the player may be eligible to participate in the playoffs. In any or all cases, the Commissioner will determine playoff eligibility.
Commissioner decision is Final.

3.  League Championship
A.        A consolation game will be played to determine all teams behind 1st.  The team with the best record going into the consolation game will be home team (see F1 for
tiebreaker information if this applies).   All final standings determine the draft pick order for the upcoming season.
B.  The teams that finished the season in the 1st and 2nd place positions will play the league championship game.  The team in the 1st place position going into the
championship game will be home team.

4. Time Limits
Playoff games will follow all CWBL rules, with the exception of the time limit.  Playoff games will not have a time limit and will be 9 innings long.  
California Women's  
Baseball League
CWBL Rules & Regulations PDF file
These rules are an addendum to MSBL’s basic baseball rules.